Sinoz Spot Treatment Cream

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* Do you have sunspots on your skin?

* Do you have a sensitive skin and are you unable to prevent spotting on your skin?

* Do you have acne scars on your skin?

* Are you uncomfortable with spots occurred after depilation or pregnancy?

* Are you suffering from age spots?

* Have you tried many products earlier without getting any desired results?

No more sadness!
Now you have Sinoz Spot Treatment Cream
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Sinoz Spot Treatment Cream

This is a unique product that will help you minimize your sunspots, sun freckles that come out in the summer and fade away in the winter, acre scars, blackheads, and pregnancy spots, spots after depilation and waxing, age spots especially on hands and color changes on skin. Sinoz Spot Treatment Cream is produced in compliance with the cosmetics regulations at our facilities licensed by the Ministry of Health and sold in hundreds of pharmacies within Turkey. The ingredients do not contain any hazardous chemicals.

This product has been tried by thousands of our customers and got full marks. Our product is sold not only in Turkey but also in many countries worldwide. We have been granted Consumer Quality Award because of the quality of our product and services. You can place an order with free shipping advantage to anywhere in Turkey; you can either pay in cash at door on delivery, or pay online with your credit card by installments in price for cash. Make your orders now and do not miss this discount campaign subject to availability of products.


How does skin spot occur?

• Inflammation (could occur due to exposure to sun, acnes, hormonal changes, or an incision.)

• Melanocytes produce pigments.

• Pigments groups are sent from melanocytes to skin cells.

•As pigments act like an umbrella, they shield the DNA of every skin cell from being destructed.

• There could be a small dark spot in the surface of the skin or there could be equally distributed dark color changes (as in tanning). Avoid Spotting!

Do not spend a fortune on your skin spots any more. Forget all the other methods you have tried so far. Sinoz spot treatment cream, the best selling cream for 3 years, is for only 37 $ instead of 47 $ for a short period; order now without paying any extra fees. Awarded with Consumer Quality Award in 2011, Sinoz Spot Treatment Cream is a wonderful product that does not contain any chemicals hazardous on human health, prevents occurrence of spotting, and helps you get rid of existing skin spots. Healthy Formula without any hazardous chemicals


Most people encounter acne problems in some periods of their lives and most of the time those acnes do not leave any scars. However, acnes on some people's skin turn into scars and they may have to bear those scars for many long years. While those scars vary from person to person, they could be disturbing. They could even cause problems like lack of confidence in social environments. The primary reason in occurrence of those scars is squeezing or trying to squeeze acnes. Scars caused by acnes are in some way loss of skin infrastructure. Scars are flat and either in faded colors or in brown.


Sunspots on skin occur on areas that are exposed to natural sunlight or tanning bed lights as single or many round black spots and diameters can vary from one millimeter to a few centimeters. Mostly seen on the skins of the grownups, sunspots are mainly seen on individuals who are light-skinned, can get sunburns easily, have difficulty in getting a tan, or cannot get a tan at all and who are exposed to sun excessively. Apart from some aesthetical problems they cause, sunspots are vital as they indicate the scale of the damage that the sun has caused on skin and they present a risk factor in terms of generation of skin cancers.


Age spots are generally seen by the age of 50s, and they are skin pigmentation disorders. Those age spots that can reach up to a few centimeters are caused due to accumulation of brown pigments in the upper layer of skin. They do not turn into skin cancer and they are merely treated for aesthetic purposes. The most important factor in occurrence of age spots is ultraviolet lights. Free radicals are generated on skin due to UV lights, and harmful habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol; free radicals cause pigments to be excessively accumulated in the upper layer of skin.

Age spots can sometimes evolve into keratosis, which causes those spots to be covered with a scaly thin layer.


Pregnancy spots on skin are due to hormonal changes. They generally occur in the second or third month of pregnancy and become more evident in the final trimester. Pregnancy spots are mostly seen on forehead, cheeks, nose, below and above lips, namely on facial area. Pregnancy spots are larger patches compared to sunspots, and the sun increases those spots. You can use sunscreens to avoid expansion of those spots and you should avoid the sun. Pregnancy spots can only cause aesthetical problems. Sinoz Spot Treatment Cream can be used on sunspots and sun freckles, acne scars, post partum spots, spots caused due to birth control and hormone medications and age spots.


The area to apply Sinoz Spot Treatment Cream should be clean and dry. Apply a thin layer of Sinoz Spot Treatment Cream locally (on skin spots) and message by your fingertips until the cream is totally absorbed by your skin. Apply in morning and at night regularly. In case you miss a dose, you can apply as soon as you remember. Excessive or deficient use does not make any adverse effect on skin. You should pay attention applying our product regularly in order to see its effectiveness and benefits. Use of cream at night is crucial because skin repairs itself at night; therefore, we recommend you to use the cream on suggested time slot. A box of Sinoz spot treatment cream is 30 ml. Containing watercress, aesculus and chamomile, bleaching agents and vitamins in its ingredients, this product ensures diffusion and regulation of pigments levelly against the spots that have occurred in time under negative external conditions and it helps you bleach your skin tone.

CAUTION: Before use, test the cream on the inside of your wrist, avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not apply under tanning sunlight. Store at a cool and dry space and keep the lid tightly closed. Do not apply on lesions, burn injuries, or irritated skin. Sinoz Spot Treatment Cream is not a medication. It is a cosmetic product. Effects on skin can vary according to metabolism.


This product has been tried by thousands of our customers and got full marks. Our product is sold not only in Turkey but also in many countries worldwide. We have been granted Consumer Quality Award because of the quality of our product and services.

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