Sinoz Cosmetics was founded in 2008 with 100% domestic capital in order to bring high quality skin care products to consumers. The products we produce are produced using raw materials that do not harm human health in terms of the criteria determined by T.C Ministry of Health and World Health Organizations. Our company, which has adopted the principle of high quality and high morality, has been awarded 'Consumer Quality Award' by Consumer Academy in 2011 due to its excellent customer satisfaction and high quality products.

The success we have gained from our technology and nature thanks to our plants and our continuous investments in AR-GE has attracted the attention of consumers all over the world and we are currently delivering our products to our customers all over the world through our web site via cargo. At the same time, Sinoz products have achieved the reputation of becoming a favorite brand of many famous names in our country.


As Sinoz Cosmetics, we act according to the needs of the times and deliver our products to our customers in our country and all over the world through our web site. We also provide added value by exporting to many countries from Holland to Afghanistan. We are bringing our products to our hundreds of pharmacies around the country.

All of our departments in our company are in harmony with one another, working with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and have a growth rate of over one hundred per cent each year. At the same time, we are expanding our dealer network every day by attending domestic and foreign fairs.


To produce products that best respond to customer needs by constantly improving ourselves in skin care. We work with our team of nearly 100 people to keep up with the developing technologies and innovations, to raise the welfare level of our employees and their families, to create added value to our country, to allocate more budget to social responsibility projects and to make Sinoz brand a global brand.


We believe in the importance of education for the development of our country and for the strengthening of our civilization, in this context we provide education for many students by providing scholarships. We are taking every step of our way in raising the societies that are respectful to the environment and people and we will continue to do so.

As a company that is animal-friendly, we regularly donate part of our income to animal shelters, and at the same time we support projects developed for the protection of stray animals.


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We deliver our products to all over the world by cargo.

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